I am tech savvy + have a head for business {and it’s full of ideas}!
Let me show you how to organize and de-stress your business!

You’ve been at this business thing for a few years now and it’s going good, actually really well!  BUT you are getting so much business now and that is GREAT!  And yet you want to pull your hair out cause you don’t have a second to accomplish your to do’s.
You don’t want to look unprofessional but you might have barely caught that last email for an amazing client almost a week late!  You need a system that will help keep you organized and in control! Yesterday!
Do not fear Wonder women is here!!!
Ok no, it's actually me, T. Doner (& Associates)
I help you, the busy entrepreneur, make your business easier with efficiency and automation by setting up a perfect system for you!
I know you feel OVERWHELMED and if one more thing gets added to that to-do list, you might go crazy! Or even turn off your phone, notifications and crawl in bed for a Netflix binge, until next week comes. DON'T DO IT!

T Doner and Associates

You are not alone! All growing businesses reach a point that they need some help and sometimes that's hard to wrap your head around. You are making moneyfinally! And you need help to make more!
Tiffany Doner
I’m Tiffany Doner, owner of T. Doner and Associates (also referred to as TDA). I am a systems strategist and website fixer. My passion is to help you create the business of your dreams with ease and less stress. I enjoy organized chaos and helping others achieve what they never thought possible.
I’ve spent countless hours learning about online business, building websites, systems and processes, social media, how to sell, buy and create. For over 16 years, I have had a website, in one form or another, and a blog before everyone knew what that was. I have a love to sit at a computer and accomplish things to make a business streamlined and get in front of their ideal customers.
TDA works individually with you to create custom personalized systems and stand out websites to enhance your business and get the clients you are looking for (+ those who are looking for you)!
TDA has a passion to help small business owners see their vision flourish.   Let me help you take your business to the next level – together!

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More about me...

I am a (South) Floridian born and raised. As a teen, I wanted to move far away and now I know why people flock to live here if for only half a year. I am a mother of two smart and sarcastic teens. I spent around 15 years in corporate healthcare to learn that I do not enjoy looking at the same reports daily. Started my business in 2013 while working full time and taking college courses, I never said I was sane. And the month after I graduated I became President of FemCity Fort Lauderdale, a local women's networking group.

I love TV especially TGIT. Chocoholics anonymous can not help me. I can bake just about anything perfectly except that I prefer it to have chocolate as an ingredient (see prior comment). Family, friends and a great time together keeps me happy. I love getting to do what I want and when I want to. Nothing is better!

Official Bio

Tiffany Doner, owner of T. Doner and Associates is known for helping her clients get organized, streamlined and de-stressed.  After years of building websites as a hobby, she decided to start a business to assist entrepreneurs build their brand online.  Many solopreneurs do not have the time to focus on juggling all the tasks while working to uplevel their business.  

From building and fixing websites to creating automated business systems for efficiency, Tiffany's analytical skills are complemented with her creativity and inventiveness. 

Tiffany's past corporate experience and wide range of clients lends to her ability to understand what a business needs and create a plan for the business, while assisting the owner with the actions to execute it.

Tiffany Doner, Owner T. Doner & Associates

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